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EDAMAME Lightly salted boiled green soy bean. 3.5 
GYOZA 4 pc pork pan-fried dumpling. Served with ponzu sauce & chili oil.   4.95
SHUMAI  4 pc Japanese shrimp dumpling.  Choice of steamed or fried.  5.5
SANSAI FOTU Fried tofu with vegetables and mushrooms in special brown broth. 7.5
KATSU SHRIMP 6 Large shrimp breaded and deep fried. 7.5
SHRIMP STUFFED MUSHROOMS 6 Fresh mushrooms stuffed with shrimp and diced green onion, battered and fried in Japanese bread crumbs. 5.95
YAKITORI    2 bamboo sticks skewered broiled dark meat chicken, bell pepper, and onion with yakitori sauce. 5.5
JALAPENO AGE 6 pc Jalapeno pappers stuffed with crabmeat, battered and fried. Served with spicy mayo and honey wasabi. 5.95
SOFT SHELL CRAB 4 pc Deep fried soft shell crab, served with ponzu sauce and lemon.  7
FRIED CALAMARI Crispy, sliced, deep-fried squid served with chef's special sauce. 6.25
SCALLOPS KANEYAMA Fresh sea scallops sautéed in olive oil, garlic spices, onion, and balsamic vinegar. 7.5
BEEF NEGIMAKI 8 pc broiled beef rolled over with green onions & carrots served with teriyaki sauce. 8.5
BEEF ISHIYAKI  Thin sliced rib-eye beef cooked on a marble stone. 14
GYUTATAKI   Thin sliced charbroiled rare beef served with ponzu sauce. 8.5
TOBANYAKI  Beef and vegetables cooked on a ceramic burner. 11.5
SHRIMP TEMPURA  3 pc jumbo shrimps deep-fried with Japanese batter. 6.5
VEGETABLE TEMPURA Vegetables deep fried with Japanese batter. 4.5
CHICKEN KARA AGE Deep fried marinated white meat chicken chunks. 5.5
ASPARAGUS GOMAAE Steamed asparagus with sesame seed sauce served cold. 5.95
SPINACH GOMAAE Spinach with sesame seed sauce served cold. 5.5
GINDALA  Broiled black cod marinated with miso. Market
SABASHIO    Broiled mackerel with salt and lemon. 6.25
HAMACHI KAMA Grilled yellow tail collar. Market
SHISO HASAMI AGE 4 pc tempura with special green shiso leaf, chopped mushroom & Shrimp. 7.5
AGEDASHI TOFU 5 pc fried bean curd topped with dried fish flakes, green onions, and tempura sauce. 4.75
TEMPURA ROLL 4 pc fried roll with crabmeat, cream cheese with tempura sauce. 5.25
GRILLED SHRIMP TERIYAKI    4 large shrimp marinated in our own teriyaki sauce, grilled and served on a thin bed of steamed rice. 6.95
CHAWAN MUSHI    Egg custard with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables. (minimum two orders) 4.95
KISU TEMPURA    White fish lightly fried in Japanese batter served with tempura sauce. 5.95
OKONOMIYAKI    Japanese seafood pancake. 8.95
IKA TERIYAKI    Grilled whole squid with teriyaki sauce. 9.5
CHIKUWA ISOBE AGE    4 pc fried fish cake served with Japanese mayonnaise and plum sauce. 4
AJI FRY    Fried horse mackerel served with tonkatsu sauce. 6.95
TUNA TATAKI    Seared ahi tuna with ponzu sauce. 13.95



Sushi chef's creations


Three top favorites - Tuna, salmon, and yellow tail diced and mixed with chef's special spicy sauce... served with sliced cucumber, avocado, and tomato in a martini glass.



Fried onions rolled in seared tuna topped with cilatro and chef's special sauce.(5pc) 



Tuna and salmon tossed with chef's special spicy sauce with avocado and cirantro... served with fried wonton chips.



Sashimi quality tuna diced and mixed with chef's special spicy sauce... garnished with tobiko, wasabi tobiko, and fried wonton chips.














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